Ngier is a mobile app development studio based in İstanbul.

what we do?
mobile app development

Ngier is focused on mobile application development. Following latest technologies, we aim to use all advantages of mobile platforms for any kind of product. 

design for mobile

Mobile platforms have their own design rules. We use our own design process which includes several steps.

web development

We think that mobile is the future, but web is the whole history. Any app may have needs on web platforms.

post-production support

All products need to be maintained and monitored after submission. Ngier serves for these needs on both technical and management needs.

R&D for products needs

Your idea or product may need to push the limits of mobile platforms. Our engineers will find and develop the best solution for your needs.


We always consider technical needs of our products. Scaling any server application dynamically is a must for our development team.


project managers

If you are passionate about mobile app development world, then feel free to contact us. We, ngiers, will be glad to meet you.